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Introducing The Fit Planner

Welcome to The Fit Planner: The Ultimate Health & Wellness Planner.

I love planners, so naturally when I wanted to start taking my fitness journey more seriously I searched far and wide for the perfect fitness planner. I found cute ones, simple ones, travel sized ones, ones with stickers, but I couldn’t find THE one. I needed a planner that not only tracked my workouts, progress, meals, meditations, and mood, but also doubled as a weekly planner. I even went out and bought a bullet journal so I could include exactly what I needed, but the bullet journal life was just not for me. I’ve started 3 bullet journals, all 3 sit on my bookshelf unfinished. If, like me, you have unfinished bullet journal sitting on the shelf, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s when I decided I would make the perfect all-in-on fitness planner. The result of my little side project is The Fitness Planner: The Ultimate Health & Wellness Planner. This planner has everything I listed and more. This planner is all about overall health and wellness, so it includes sections for meal planning, mood, habit, and sleep tracking, a workout planner including sections for cardio, resistance training, rating your workout, and so much more. I hope you love this planner and that it helps you along your fitness journey.

See below for the first look inside this all new fitness planner.

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